Department of Mechanical Engineering


Founded in 1980, the Department of Mechanical Engineering offers five undergraduate specialties, i.e., Manufacture and Automation, Material Module and Control Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering, Manufacture and Automation(2+3) and Manufacture and Automation(3+1).

The faculty has 39 full-time teachers, including 6 professors and 14 associate professors. Teachers were honored as National Outstanding Teacher(1), oneProvincial Model Teacher (1), Provincial New Teaching Stars(2), international visiting professors(3) and entrepreneur adjunct professors(2). And the number of students total up to 1275.

With years of efforts of construction, the Department has built up laboratories for mechanical basics, Tolerance and Detection, Engineering, Material, Engineering Cartography, etc. and it has over 10 specialized laboratories for Machinery Manufacturing Equipment, Numerical Control Technology, Principles of Microcomputer, Electromechanical Transmission Control, Hydraulic Transmission, Measuring and Testing Technology, Mechanical Manufacturing Technology, Mechanical CAD/CAM, Mechanical innovation, Non-conventional Machining, Material Forming Technology, Mould Design and Manufacturing, etc. .

In past few years, the department has undertaken over 10 provincial research and teaching projects, such as Project of Science and Technology Research,Key Research Project of Natural Science and Key Project of Teaching Research. As a reward of teaching reformation, the teaching teams received two provincial Teaching Achievement Awards. In addition, more than high-level 100 academic papers have been published,including 30 SCI or EI papers.

The students actively participate in various scientific and technological innovationand extracurricular activities, and they are well rewarded in national professional competitions. AutomaticTree-planting Machines and Coin-counting-and-packing Machineswon the first prize in the third and the  seventh National College Students Mechanical Design Competitions;High Efficient Coin Separatorswon the first prize in the Seventh National College Students Mechanical Innovation Design Competition, Fischer Division(2016) and the Ninth National Fish Engineering Innovation Design Competition; Micro Tiltable Rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Agricultural Plant Protection won the first prize of Engineering Innovation Award in the tenth “Siemens Cup” National Intelligent Manufacturing Challenge Finals.