Anhui Sino-German Educational Cooperation Foundation Issued


In March, 2020,  the legal person registration certificate of“Anhui Sino-German Educational CooperationFoundation” initiated by Hefei University, is officiallyissued by the Department of Civil Affairs, Anhui Province.

In October 2015, during their visit at HFU, Premier Li Keqiang and German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced the establishment of a Sino-German educational cooperation demonstration base and foundation at this university. The construction of the Sino-German Educational Cooperation Foundation was officially launched ever since 2016.

It is a non-public fund-raising andsocial organization with independent corporate capacity. With specific scholarships, awards and teaching funds offered, it is to sponsor Sino-German educational cooperation projects, international academic conferences, theoretical research and monographs publication as well as Sino-German talent exchange, industry-university-research cooperation and innovation programs, etc.

The establishment of the Foundation will effectively promote the construction of the Sino-German Educational Cooperation Demonstration Base, which is beneficial for raising educational funds and attracting more social resources to participate in the exchange and cooperation in Sino-German higher education, culture and scientific research.