HFU’s Care for International Students


In mid-February, two HFU international students said in a video interview with Anhui TV International Channel,Chinese government has taken timely and effective measures to fight against COVID-19. Cheer for China!”

Since the outbreak of COVID-19,HFUcouncil have attached great importance to the epidemic prevention for the 23 international students, who have not returned to their homeland and lived on campus. Apartments for those international students are sterilized every day and strictly managed in an enclosed-style; specially-assigned staff keep a 24-hour watch on them and measure their temperature every day; medical masks and disinfectant are distributed; supermarkets are asked to provide home delivery services of daily necessities for them.

Cloud classroom for HFU international students of 14 undergraduate disciplines and two preparatory classes has officially started from February 17th to guarantee no suspension of their academic study.