Christian Wulff’s Fifth Visit to HFU


    Christian Wulff, former President of Germany, as well as chairman of the Global SME Alliance , visits HFU on the morning of September 21st. Wang Qidong, president of HFU, meets him and his delegation.

    During his visit, Mr. Wulff says that Hefei, holding the First and Second World Manufacturing Convention, has a systematic and mature manufacturing resources with world-leading scientific and technological innovation ability, and colleges and universities like HFU, dedicated to international cooperation as well as industrial integration. 
    As an honorary professor of HFU, Mr. Wulff is very concerned about its construction and development. Mr. Wulff also mentions why HFU has attracted his visits(it is his fifth visit here): one is HFU students and its vibrant campus, the other is the education mode focusing on the combination of theory and practice.

    Mr. Wulff has long been committed to Sino-German friendship and actively promoted the cooperation and exchanges between China and Germany as well as between Anhui and Lower Saxony.